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About Us

With over 100 years of manufacturing heritage, Bainbridge is one of Australia’s longest serving manufacturers and market leading suppliers to the rural supplies field.

The Bainbridge history is scattered across the nation: From featuring in the National Wool Museum to our high quality equipment that has been handed down through generations of farmers. 

While our roots are in animal husbandry, our product range today has diversifi­ed with a strong focus on animal breeding, hobby farming, farm supplies, pet, poultry, pest control and hardware.

As a manufacturer and wholesaler, Bainbridge offers a wide range of quality accessories which are available in every Australian rural community and nationwide.

We pride our reputation on the quality of our products, our market leading customer service and our ability to efficiently supply our diverse range to our end retail customers through our resellers.

With a unique offering of two major distribution warehouses in the East and West of Australia and a hands on management team with industry specialised knowledge, Bainbridge is recognised as a leading partner to rural merchandise stores nationwide.

Being an Australian owned and operated company with a strong family background, Bainbridge understands the needs of our partner retailers as a reliable, dedicated and exclusive wholesale supplier – since 1922.



Our mission - is to produce quality, value for money products which enrich and enable the lives of all Australians. Working with partner retailers nationwide, our outreach extends from Rural to Metro and everywhere in-between. As a provider to Australians for 100 years, we know the value of relationships and in delivering quality, value driven products and customer centric service. At the core of what we do and the service we provide, is the organizational culture of our dedicated team - which is one of inclusivity, growth, and positivity.